Bakugan Bakutin Green- Season 3 New Shape

Bakugan Bakutin Green- Season 3 Fresh Shape Deals
List Price: $24.99
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Manufacturer: Spin Master
Brand: Bakugan
Model: 20027509
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Bakugan Bakutin Green-  Season 3 Fresh ShapeConsumer Review

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Bakugan Bakutin Green-  Season 3 Fresh Shape

  • Holds up to 30 metal cards and 18 Bakugan Balls
  • Also comes with 10 cards and 2 exclusive Bakugan so you can add to your collection (colors and styles may vary)
  • With fresh weapons and characters, right warriors are needed to reply the call to brawl
  • Master your precision shooting skills. Employ your cunning abilities and strategy to plot your next battle and ruin the evil ¿Vexos¿
  • Includes 1 tin, 2 Bakugan, 5 metal Cards and 5 paper cards

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Weaponize your Bakugan for Final Attacks! Secure Bakugan Battle Gear onto Bakugan! Unleash the Power of your Bakugan Battle Gear!Bakutin Includes 1 Bakugan, 1 Battle Gear, 3 Ability Cards, 5 Metal Gate Cards & 2 Reference Cards! ... More >>"

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