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With so many Bakugan product available nowadays, it is excellent to acquire a name you can recognise. The Bakugan Bakubowl is certainly that and will be a brilliant buy.

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Bakugan Bakubowl

The  Bakugan Bakubowl Game is intense fun when the small spheres magnetically morph into powerful Bakugan warriors and roll onto the real metal Gate Cards. Employ strategy to space your metal Gate Cards effectively as each card affects the battle differently. Then master your precision shooting skills to roll your Bakugan into battle and win. You can bank your Bakugan off the bumpers for even more fun filled battle action. Each bumper holds up to 6 of your favorite Bakugan and 6 cards. Includes one BakuMat, 4 Ramps and one carry bag.

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  1. Each bumper holds 6 of your favorite Bakugan and 6 cards
  2. Strategically bank your Bakugan off the bumpers for even more action
  3. Prepare to engage in battle in the Bakubowl arena
  4. An arena designed particularly for tournament Bakugan play

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