Bakugan Starter Pack Black

Introducing Bakugan Starter Pack Black

With so many Bakugan product available nowadays, it is excellent to acquire a name you can recognise. The Bakugan Starter Pack Black is certainly that and will be a brilliant buy.

Bakugan Starter Pack Black

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Starter Pack- black Bakugan battle brawlers are here. Answer the call to brawl and choose the fate of the galaxy. Magnetic marbles POP open into power Bakugan warrior action figures when they roll onto the real metal gate cards. Employ strategy to space your metal gate cards as each card affects the battle differently. Master your shooting skills to roll your Bakugan into battle. Styles may vary- styles are selected at random when shipped- but will all be black Starter Pack includes: 3 x Bakugan Morphing Marbles 3 x Metal Cards

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We are delighted to stock the brilliant Bakugan Starter Pack Black.

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  1. Master you battle skills by shooting your Bakugan and landing on card to score
  2. Employ strategy to space you cards and set up for battle
  3. Magnetic marbles pop open when on metal card

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