Bakugan Battle Pack (Styles and Colors May Vary)

Bakugan Battle Pack (Styles and Colors May Vary) thumbBakugan Battle Pack (Styles and Colors May Vary)
Manufacturer : Bakugan, Color : , Our Price : $18.79

Bakugan Battle Pack (Styles and Colors May Vary)

Bakugan Battle Pack (Styles and Colors May Vary)

List Price : $25.99
Our Price : $18.79

Manufacturer : Bakugan

Color :

Product ASIN : B00134K8PY

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Average Rating : 4.0

Total Review : 65

Label : Bakugan, Bakugan Battle Pack

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  1. Styles selected at random when shipped
  2. Includes 2 character cards, 3 normal cards, 6 Bakugan marble/action figures, 2 command cards, and one special ability card
  3. Master you battle skills by shooting your Bakugan and landing on card to score
  4. Use strategy to place you cards and set up for battle
  5. Magnetic marbles pop open when on metal card Review
The popular and fun anime TV series \"Bakugan Battle Brawlers\" has spawned this strategic game that pits a variety of \"Bakugan warriors\" -- such as \"Juggernoids,\" \"Fear rippers,\" and \"Robatallians\" -- against each other for points. With this Bakugan Battle Pack, kids 4 and above will enjoy the challenge of earning points by rolling their Bakugan (or shooting them from a launcher) onto magnetic cards where the plastic spheres burst open to reveal the fearsome warrior apparatus inside. Kids will also love the way the Bakugan transform suddenly into warrior mode, and fans of the show will have an especially good time with the game.

Inside each plastic sphere is a fearsome warrior apparatus. View larger.

There are many colors and varieties of Bakugan to collect. View larger.
What We Think

Fun Factor:


(what this means)

The Good: Wide variety of Bakugan make them fun for kids to trade and collect

The Bad: No instructions with some toys

In a Nutshell: Clever and exciting interactive game that kids will enjoy even if they\'re not familiar with the TV show
At a Glance

Ages: 4 and up
NOTE: The Bakugan Battle Pack includes a random selection of six Bakugan warriors. It also includes eight metal cards and instructions. It does not include the optional Bakugan Launcher.

Ready, Set, Play!
The mission of Bakugan game play is to battle against other Bakugan to win the points awarded on the cards by getting your Bakugan to land on card. Players will love pretending to be one of the various characters in the show, such as the fiery 12-year-old leader \"Dan\" or the wise \"Marucho,\" and they gain a deeper understanding of the cards and warriors as they play.

The Battle Pack includes instructions, making it an ideal way for newbies to get started with this fun and exciting game. The game itself is fairly straightforward, but if your child has never played before, you might have to help him or her to understand the rules -- after reading and understanding them yourself. While some of the plastic Bakugan pieces are small and could easily get lost, others, like the Bakugan Deka, are as big as a softball.

If your child is already a Bakugan fan, the Battle Pack is a good investment. This set comes with six randomly selected Bakugan and eight magnetic cards. Your child will love how this set dramatically increases their collection of Bakugan! He or she can also use the Battle Pack to play with his friends who might not have any Bakugan of their own.

Exciting Magnetic Action
The Bakugan come in lots of colors and varieties that make them fun to collect and trade. Most of them are pocket-sized and easy for your child to carry around and bring over to their friend\'s houses. Having a magnet that activates the warriors is a clever idea that adds excitement to the game. The Bakugan Launcher (sold separately) is a great accessory, with three shooting modes (\"curve,\" \"angle, and \"distance\"), but it doesn\'t come with any instructions.

Room for the Imagination
We like that this that this game combines skill (aiming your Bakugan) with strategy (placement of the cards). We also enjoyed the way the warriors pop open on the magnetic cards -- although sometimes they do it even when they don\'t land on the cards. Being unfamiliar with the TV show, we felt a little lost at first in the world of Bakugan. But with the help of the colorful, animated Bakugan Web site, we got the gist of what the game is about and how to play. Our attempts to fire the launcher proved somewhat difficult and instructions would have helped. But the launcher isn\'t necessary. Kids can simply roll the Bakugan like marbles for a fun and action-packed game with their friends.

What\'s in the Box
Six Bakugan, eight metal cards, and instructions.

Product Description

This Bakugan Battlepack Teal and Red Set has small spheres that magnetically morph into powerful Bakugan warriors when they roll onto the real metal gate cards. Use strategy to place your metal gate cards effectively as each cards affects the battle differently. Then master you precision shooting skills to roll your Bakugan into battle and win.

User Reviews for Bakugan Battle Pack (Styles and Colors May Vary)

Bakugan gift
Bought the set for my niece who is Bakugan crazy. She was thrilled with it! I liked the fact that the price was better than any of the local stores.
The kids love it...
I purchased this for my 7 year old son. He and all of his friends like trading them and although they\'ve not yet played the actual game they compare the values on them with the points. They have a spot on them that is magnetic and when they are placed on a metal they open revealing a character. The only slight negative I have with them is that when the kids forget where they stuck them, they are very hard to find! They are really indiscreet little things! It\'s kind of funny, because you know they are in the house somewhere and when you least expect it, one looks back at you from a door hinge, or a metal planter or something :)
If you don\'t get this toy then you missed out!
This toy is the best toy I ever got! It includes twelve cards (six gate cards and six ability cards) and six random B2 Bakugan Brawlers (balls). The only problem is that the balls do not fit in the Bakugan launcer (not the handheld launcher, the launcher you put on your arm). You can still buy the older smaller balls wich will fit, or you can buy the handheld launcher. Anyway, this is a great product, a must have!
Meh . . .
My son absolutely HAD to have these, and we finally found some before Christmas. The idea seemed cool enough - sort of a combination between pokemon, transformers, and battle tops, but they really weren\'t what he expected. Yes, they do what the commercials say they\'ll do, as far as opening up when rolled over the magnetic card, but the rest is a little hokey. This is a good toy for practicing reading, and maybe a little strategy/analysis, but that\'s about it. The balls are fragile (the first one fell apart within twenty minutes), the game not very engaging, and the hype, first rate.
My kids love these things, they play with them everday. Although I paid DOUBLE for them.They can\'t keep these in the local stores too long they are so popular.


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